Paula Gooder

This Risen Existence

DAISY, Braille, Giant Print
  • Publisher: Canterbury Press
  • ISBN: 9781853119965

Easter is the high point of the church’s year and resurrection the central pillar of the Christian faith but all too often our celebration of this great Christian festival is an anti-climax. The book explores the themes of Eastertide.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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We work our way through the six weeks of Lent, reflecting deeply on issues of life and faith and , at last, arrive at Easter Day at which point, so often, we stop our thinking and reflection and carry on as we did before.

Yet if we believe in resurrection, nothing can ever be the same again. In ‘This Risen Existence’ Paula Gooder takes us on a journey through Easter to Ascension Day and Pentecost, exploring the themes of Eastertide in each of the four Gospels, Acts and the Epistles and encouraging us to think more deeply and seriously about what the resurrection means for us and for the way in which we live our lives today.

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