Mark Edwards

Tears In The Dark

  • Publisher: Authentic Lifestyle
  • ISBN: 9781850785453

Mark had a difficult upbringing in a children’s home which led to a mental breakdown. Fortunately, through the intervention of an elderly pastor, God was able to rescue Mark and transform him from psychiatric patient to father, husband and priest.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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A dramatic tale of pain and healing, this tells of the gripping life of an abused child and his road to peace. Mark Edwards was a young boy who came close to ending his life after being abandoned by his parents and spending most of his childhood in foster homes. The story relates Mark’s journey into adolescence, the rebellion and escapades in the children’s home, his attempts to cut his wrists and how he contemplated hurling himself under a train. His emotional breakdown resulted in psychiatric care.

The faith and love shown by an elderly pastor set Mark on the road to recovery; see the remarkable transformation from psychiatric patient to father, husband and priest.

‘clearly an important story, emotional and revealing’ Ken Loach, film director

‘very powerful’ Playwright Tony Marriot, writer of ‘No Sex please We’re British’

‘An exceptionally vivid account of a child’s journey … We are privileged that Mark has been able to share his story with us.’ -Paula Evans, Cumbria Social Services

‘deeply, deeply moving’ – Erica Wolfe-Murray, Touch Production

‘Mark has a background of considerable emotional and maternal deprivation, he has written most movingly about it.’ =Ven John Pritchard, Arch Deacon of Canterbury

’emotional and gripping’ – Peter Crompton, psychologist, counsellor and trainer

‘a journey of hope that does not underplay the struggles and difficulties…I hope it may provide inspiration and encouragement for all on the Christian journey’ – Dr David Hope, Archbishop of York

‘a remarkable and inspiring book’ – Ian Vollands, bookshop manager

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