Anne Punton

World Jesus Knew, The

  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc (Monarch Publications Ltd)
  • ISBN: 9781854243669

An introduction to the culture of Jesus’ time; his home, childhood, education, clothes, language, prayers, customs and much more.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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A superb introduction to the culture of Jesus’ time. The Bible speaks to us all, but it is basically a Middle Eastern text which reflects a culture very different from our own.The purpose of this book is to explain something of the beliefs and customs which lie behind the pages of the gospels. Once we understand the background we can start to appreciate what we read. For example, many of Jesus’ parables are based on agricultural images which really make sense only when we understand oriental ways of working the land. Each chapter covers a distinct aspect of the life of Jesus: his home, childhood, education, clothes, language, prayers, customs, and much more. The book forms an invaluable reference tool. It includes over 60 maps and photographs drawn from the ‘Bible Comes to Life’ exhibition.

Anne Punton gained an MA in English and History from Glasgow University. She spent 12 years working for CMJ in Israel, and has lectured extensively on the Jewish roots of the Christian faith. She and her husband Jack live in East Yorkshire.

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