Elizabeth Rundle

Twenty Questions Jesus Asked

  • Publisher: Bible Reading Fellowship, The
  • ISBN: 9781841015682

‘Have you never read?’ ‘Who do you say I am?’ ‘Why are you so afraid?’ This book reflects on twenty questions Jesus asked and wonders, ‘What is he asking you?’


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As Jesus tramped the Galilean and Judean countryside during the three short years of his ministry, crowds followed him. Friends and adversaries alike walked alongside him, trying to understand more of the teaching of this extraordinary person – or trap him in some way. And from time to time Jesus turned to those with him and posed questions: What do you want? Why are you so afraid? Do you believe this? Who do you say I am? To those who understood and responded to what he offered, life was never the same again.

Those same questions still hold true for all who seek to follow Jesus today. If we want to walk the way of Christ, we have to work out where we stand in relation to him. It is not a case of knowing the ‘right’ answer; there are no instant, easy or trite replies to the Son of God. But as we reflect on these questions for ourselves, and open ourselves to the reality of his living presence, we will be both surprised and challenged, our hearts touched and our faith deepened.

Elizabeth Rundle has spent many years helping people connect with God through Scripture. Most recently she has contributed to BRF’s Day by Day with God notes but she has also written over a dozen books of Bible reflections for a number of Christian publishers, including CWR and Kevin Mayhew. She has broadcast on local and national radio and prepared scripts for television ‘epilogue’ slots. She is ordained in the Methodist Church.

‘With all the freshness and immediacy of lived experience, this challenging book takes us right to Jesus’ side, to hear the questions he has for us, and to reflect on our own responses.’


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