Snatched from the Fire

  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press
  • ISBN: 9781844745029

In this book the author interweaves Christian teaching and real life in a way that is both compelling and utterly biblical. That invaluable pattern of God’s Word and human life interwoven is here. You will read of a real gospel and a real life.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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Don’t read this book if you want religion, answers to life’s great mysteries or the secret of winning the lottery.

Do read it if you are willing to put your prejudices behind you and be open-minded and willing to change as a result of meeting someone far more important than all of the above -Jesus.

‘While believing the message of this book will snatch you from destructive fire, it will also powerfully start anther cleansing fire.’ Derick Bingham

‘A great read, but, more importantly, it bites where many of us need to be bitten.’ Ken Clarke

‘Entertaining and educational. compelling and challenging, interesting and instructive.’ J. John

‘Funny, well written and aimed to change lives.’ R.T.Kendall

‘Mitch has beautifully articulated that the answers to the needs of this broken world can be found only in Jesus Christ.’ Gavin Peacock

‘You’ll grasp Mitch’s heart for God as you read.’ John White

Keith Mitchell (Mitch) is a Christian communicator with Crown Jesus Ministries, and a associate of J. John and The Philo Trust. He has worked for many years as a fire-fighter in the Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service. he is married to Amanda and they have two children, ten fish (at the last count)) and a dog. He admits to loving curries, hating Manchester United and earning three points on his driving licence.

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