Steve Derbyshire


  • Publisher: Kingsway Publications Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9780854764082

Violent, aggressive and addicted to drugs and alcohol, Steve hated the police and his parents. However when his father finally got him to a church service, he found himself responding. This was just the beginning ….

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‘I wanted blood. Clutching the hammer for dear life, I wielded it at faces & bodies as though it was an extension of my arm’. Steve Derbyshire didn’t just hate Arsenal supporters. He hated the police, who wanted to nail him for drug-taking. He hated his parents, who wanted him to come to church. And he hated the things that alcohol & drugs were doing to his body & his mind.

When his father finally got him to a church service, Steve found himself responding – almost against his will – to the offer of forgiveness & a new, clean life. But it wasn’t going to be easy. Why couldn’t people leave him alone to work things out? And what about his old friends? They’d never believe what had happened to him now…’The story is refreshing in its straightforwardness, challenging in its narrative, & a clear reminder that the choices we make can affect our lives so much for good or ill.’ – From the Foreword by Bob Gordon. Steve Derbyshire now serves as an Elim pastor in Ilford, Essex. Millie Murray is a writer currently working for the BBC. She has written books for young adults is also a youth leader.

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