Chick Yuill

Moving in the Right Circles

  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press
  • ISBN: 9781844745036

The author recognizes the challenges of living as a Christian in a bewildered and anxious secular society but he is also confident in the resources that Jesus offers. There is no nook of God’s world where Jesus cannot make a difference.


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‘I would urge you to read this important book. Rob Parsons

‘Passion, wisdom, common sense and fun.’ John Valentine

‘Too many people find their experience as Christians incomplete and unsatisfactory … But life with Jesus is meant to be an all-encompassing adventure. In this dynamic and punchy book, Chick Yuill explores the four concentric circles that make up the authentic Christian life:

Walking in the company of Jesus.

Growing in the communty of believers.

Engaging with the culture of the times.

Looking to the coming of the King.

Only when all four are in place can followers of Jesus fully embrace the discipleship adventure.

Chick Yuill spearheads the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity’s (LICC) Imagine project in the North West of England and is a regular contributor to Radio Two’s Good Morning Sunday and Pause for Thought. He has spent over thirty-five years in full-time ministry in the UK and the USA as a pastor, speaker and author.

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