Alan MacDonald

King Next Door, The

  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780745938974

Ten stories about Jesus for younger children, retold from the point of view of people who met him.

NB – Braille SEB

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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‘And Jesus expected all those people to share your lunch? Silas, that is without doubt the biggest whopper you’ve ever told me. When are you going to stop making up these ridiculous stories?’ ‘But I’m not making it up this time, Mum. It’s true! Jesus made it happen. I don’t know how. Andrew says Jesus is a king. A king can do anything, can’t he? Silas isn’t the only person to be amazed by what happens when Jesus is around. Whether it’s welcoming a stranger, making someone well, or showing someone lonely that they’re loved, he always seems to do the unexpected. Clearly there’s more to the carpenter’s son than meets the eye.

This new collection of familiar Bible stories retold from a fresh perspective is ideal for younger readers.

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