Tom Wright

How God became King

  • Publisher: SPCK
  • ISBN: 9780281061464

Tom Wright leads us to seeing the new reality of the gospel story; one that is so explosive that the church in many generations has found it too much to take and so has watered it down rather than allowing its full impact to be felt.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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‘It has been slowly dawning on me over many years that there is a fundamental problem deep at the heart of Christian faith and practice as I have known them…we have all forgotten what the four gospels are about.’

With this surprising and radical assertion, Tom Wright launches a groundbreaking work that is certain to shake up and revolutionize much Christian thinking on the very heart and meaning of the gospel of Jesus Christ. This immensely practical theological book calls for nothing less than a complete overhaul of our understanding of reality and of how we live in the shadow – and the light – of the gospels, the kingdom and the cross. Intelligently and graciously, Professor Wright helps us to see the gospel story in a new way – a perspective so explosive that, for many generations, the church has been reluctant to let its full impact be felt.

Tom Wright is never afraid of the big questions, yet he anchors all his writing in the fact of living as one searching for faith and meaning. As he guides the reader on a fascinating journey packed with fresh insight, his incisive scholarship and communication skills are second to none for revealing powerful truths and making complex issues accessible.

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