Tom Wright

For Everyone Bible Study Guide: Hebrews

DAISY, Braille, Large Print 17pt, Large Print 20pt, Large Print 25pt, Large Print 30pt
  • Publisher: SPCK
  • ISBN: 9780281063796

The letter to the Hebrews is one of the most bracing & challenging writings in the New Testament. Tom Wright helps us to find it full of interest & delight with a powerful message that comes home to today’s church as much as it did to yesterday’s.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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For many Jewish Christians of the first century, living in the light of the gospel was challenging. Having accepted Jesus as the long-awaited Messiah, they were regarded by still-sceptical family, friends and neighbours as dangerous, misguided and even disloyal to all that God had said earlier on. The letter to the Hebrews was written to show that you can’t go back to an earlier stage of God’s purposes but must press on eagerly to the one that is yet to come. In these studies we find encouragement and assurance that pressing on, even in the face of such close and constant pressure to fall back, is its own reward. The guides in this series by Tom Wright can be used on their own or alongside his New Testament for Everyone commentaries. They are designed to help you understand the Bible in fresh ways under the guidance of one of the world’s leading New Testament scholars

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