Carol Lee Anderson

Do You Know What You Are Doing, Lord?

DAISY, Braille
  • Publisher: Bethany House Publishers
  • ISBN: 9780800792619

Honest, intriguing and sometimes humorous, this is a fascinating story of missionary life in the jungles of New Guinea with the primitive Folopa tribes people.


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Honest, intriguing and sometimes humorous, this is more than an account of missionary life in the jungles of New Guinea. *What if the missionary doesn’t understand what God is doing? *What if the missionary has unhealed areas of her past that she still struggles with? *What if the missionary fears that God might reject her for not being “good enough”? *What if the missionary finds that life on the mission field isn’t living up to press reports, and what if she doesn’t feel she can hack it any more? As you read this book, you will find it is more than Carol Lee Anderson’s fascinating story of life with the primitive Folopa tribespeople; it is your story too, because you are probably asking the same questions about your life wherever you live. “Carol is one of my heroes…. God has much to teach me and you through Carol’s experience, and you will be blessed by what she has to say in this book, through which she bares her soul and shares with us the record of God’s faithfulness and some of the lessons she has learned.” – REV. DR. DAN HARRISON, international director, Middle East Media. CAROL LEE ANDERSON HAS BEEN A MEMBER OF WYCLIFFE BIBLE TRANSLATORS SINCE 1970. SHE AND HER HUSBAND, NEIL, HAVE WORKED AT TRANSLATING THE BIBLE FOR THE FOLOPA PEOPLE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA SINCE 1973.

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