Kathy Lee

Captive In Rome, A

Braille, Giant Print
  • Publisher: Scripture Union
  • ISBN: 9781844270880

The first in a fantastic trilogy of adventure stories set at the time of the early church. Bryn and his brother are taken captive following the Boudiccan Revolt.


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“I struggled to open my eyes. My brother’s face was close to mine. His warpaint was smudged and streaked. His eyes were red. Suddenly I remembered. The battle – the Romans…

“Where’s Father?”

Conan looked up the hill, where dead and dying men lay like fallen leaves… hundreds of them, too many to count. Faintly in the distance I heard the sound of a Roman trumpet…”

A disastrous battle tears Bryn’s world apart. Captured and taken into slavery, he is forced to start a new life in the incredible city of Rome.

And his adventures are only just beginning…

Look out for more of Bryn’s adventures!


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