J. John

Breaking News

  • Publisher: Authentic Media
  • ISBN: 9781860245497

A practical 6 week course designed to help the reader share God’s good news today. This 6 week course attempts to provide a simple but insightful training program for all churches wishing to encourage their members toward more effective evangelism.

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  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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The act of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ is called evangelism. Evangelism is the cry of Jesus as he weeps over lost people. Evangelism is the whole work of the whole church for the whole age. The Gospel is not something we come to church to hear, it is something we go from church to tell.

Breaking News is a 6-session course, which provides a simple, yet insightful training programme for all churches wanting to encourage and equip their members towards more effective friendship evangelism.

This course has been tried and tested through J.John’s own experience of preparing hundreds of churches for mission on six continents.

Subjects covered include:

The ‘Why’ of Evangelism

What is the Good News of Christianity?

What is Friendship Evangelism?

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