Ron Collard

Below Me, The Clouds

Braille, Large Print 30pt, DAISY, Large Print 25pt, Large Print 20pt, Large Print 17pt
  • Publisher: Onwards and Upwards Publications
  • ISBN: 9781907509315

The authors experiences with the Royal Air Force and with the Mission Aviation Fellowship. Living through war, fear, illness, anxiety, failure, despair. Ron explains how he has been lifted through them by a Power outside of his limited being.


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Climbing through solid cloud and breaking in to a new world of sunshine and dazzling blue sky has been my delightful experience on numerous occasions. My life has been like that: living through clouds of war, fear, illness, disappointment, heart-ache, anxiety, failure and despair. I have, however, been lifted through them and above them – not by my own native wit, intelligence or wisdom but by a Power outside my limited being, yet discernable in history and in the rough and tumble of modern everyday life.

This book will encourage you to climb higher and view the ‘clouds’ of your life from a different perspective and, in so doing, to be introduced to the most wonderful Friend who can bring you “out of darkness, into His marvellous light.”

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