Vaughan Roberts

True Friendship

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Whatever the state of your friendships, take heart as you read this book. You’ll see that we can live out our true humanity as we sacrificially love others. Includes reflections, discussion questions and practical ideas for making a real difference.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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In a culture where online communications and communities can be set up in seconds, it is striking that loneliness is still rampant. Even in the church, a place where we might hope for an oasis of love and acceptance, we can find interactions awkward and superficial.

It’s for this reason that Vaughan Roberts takes us back to the Bible, and challenges us to consider our need for true friendship. He’s both honest and clear in his approach as he shows us that knowing and being known by God is the hope we need to begin to deal with the sickness of our ‘self-love’ society.

So whatever the state of your friendships, take heart and take hold of this book – because as you do, you’ll see that we can live out our true humanity as we sacrificially love others for God’s glory.

Each chapter includes thoughtful reflection and discussion questions to help change us as we read, as well as practical suggestions for how we can make a real difference to our friendships.


Brief, Bold and Brilliant! – This is a brilliant book helping us to step outside of our cultural britishness and the way in which sin causes us to separate ourselves from one another. Whether you feel great anxiety about your friendships and over analyse them constantly or perhaps feel the need to maintain a constant front of being sorted out and, therefore, feel isolated, this book is for you! Vaughan Roberts sympathetically and clearly sets out what friendship is, why it is valuable, what it should look like and potential dangers to be aware of. Being encouraging and challenging, the gospel is set out as the basis and foundation for these true friendships making them seem not only attractive but realistic prospects! The greatest challenge here is to be changed by this radical gospel to become better friends and to truly allow people into our lives. As a church community of Christians, nationally and internationally, we’re called to love our neighbours as God has loved us. This is the book that practically tells us how to do that within friendship relationships! Read it and then pass it on to a friend! Sarah Fox-Lilley

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