Jeff Lucas

Helen Sloane’s Diary

DAISY, Braille
  • Publisher: Authentic Lifestyle
  • ISBN: 9781850788003

Helen Sloane is on a mission to help the young people in her town. When things aren’t going well, help arrives from an unexpected quarter.

NB – Braille SEB

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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Take Helen, a frustrated 27-year-old rookie social worker. Add Hayley, the world’s worst teenager, Kristian, the blond bluey-eyed worship leader, faithful friend James, old flame Aaron, corruption, chaos and passion …

And you’ve got ‘Helen Sloane’s Diary’, Jeff Lucas’s first novel.

Blend in a New Age mother, a super-spiritual friend, two deeply unpleasant church members, a personal tragedy, and all the laughter, tears and thought-provoking lines that you would expect from Jeff Lucas, and you have the recipe for a truly great story.


‘Jeff Lucas has “got in touch with his feminine side” and written of the moving, insightful, often painful but frequently hilarious spiritual journal of twenty-something single, Helen Sloane. Diet-conscious yet devout, Helen recounts her frustrations, crushes, personal struggles and sharp “take” on the mixture of “mystery and mess” that is her life and church at New Wave Christian Fellowship in Frenton-on-Sea. This book is an absolute “must read” for those who haven’t had an ironic humour by-pass operation, and one that stuns us with God’s generous grace.’

Greg Haslam

Minister, Westminister Chapel, London

‘I love Jeff’s books; each new one is always a real event and this one is no exception.’

Adrian Plass

Author and Speaker

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