Luke Aylen

Forgotten Palace, The

Large Print 20pt, Large Print 17pt, Braille, Large Print 30pt, DAISY, Large Print 25pt
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Ltd
  • ISBN: 9781782642794

Antimony ‘the tall dwarf’ finds the broken shards of a magic mirror in which he glimpses the ruins of an ancient palace & sees a vision of it restored. He meets a stranger who shows Antimony a fuller version of his vision in the mirror. (Sequel)


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Deep in the heart of Presadia’s Great Forest lie many secrets, including the ancient ruins of a once-magnificent palace. A chance encounter with a bedraggled stranger and the discovery of broken shards of a magical mirror lead Antimony, an unusually tall dwarf, on a journey of discovery. Amazingly, he soon finds himself in charge of a growing community, which is determined to bring restoration to the palace. Can Antimony juggle the responsibilities and disagreements that have suddenly been thrust upon him, while also confronting shocking truths about his own complicated past? This unexpected adventure brings the oversized dwarf face to face with a mysterious elf known as the Usurper, a violent opponent of the exiled king. Antimony and his unlikely group must overcome tremendous odds if they are to restore what was broken and bring peace back to Presadia. Will they succeed, and will the king ever return to his rightful place?

Revisit the magical world of Presidia, which is full of elves, dwarves and dragons in this exciting sequel to The Mirror and the Mountain.

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