John White

Changing On The Inside

  • Publisher: Eagle, Inter Publishing Service Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780863470448

Important keys to spiritual recovery and lasting change. The author is a well known Christian psychiatrist, who has written a number of books on psychology, inner healing and ethical issues from a Christian standpoint.

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Can people change, really change? *Do you long for change but doubt it can really happen? When you hear stories of dramatic conversions and astonishing recoveries, do you wonder how long they will last? Are you afraid of the pain of changing? ‘Changing on the Inside’ will convince you that change for the better is not only possible but essential.

Drawing on years of experience at a psychiatrist, Dr John White looks closely as the relationship between repentance and emotional health. He examines the nature of healthy and lasting change – not superficial adjustments, not new resolutions, or outward conformity, but real change that results in peace, intimacy, and a vital relationship with God. He uncovers the secret of making changes enabling you to open yourself to God’s grace, find freedom from guilt and experience profound and lasting healing and growth. Dr John White is an author with a worldwide ministry, best known for ‘Excellence in Leadership’ and ‘The Fight’.

“This fascinating and challenging book contains a great deal of quiet wisdom, both for pastoral leaders and for struggling souls – indeed for everyone” J I Packer. “This book, better than any other I know, gives the anatomy of real repentance. Here we learn to see and repent of the depths of pride and sin revealed in our hearts, and we are remade” Leanne Payne. “I recommend ‘Changing on the Inside’ to anyone who is seeking positive permanent change from destructive behaviour patterns. John White says you can change, and he tells how in a compelling and practical fashion.” John Wimber.

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