Bob Hartman


DAISY, Braille, Giant Print, Large Print 17pt, Large Print 20pt, Large Print 25pt, Large Print 30pt
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780745953366

This contemporary retelling of Charles Dickens’ classic story “A Christmas Carol” is funny, moving and ultimately thought-provoking.


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A modern retelling of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Jack O’Malley hates shopping. He hates snow. He even hates Christmas. All three at once is Jack’s idea of a very bad day.

Storming into a bookstore to have a cup of coffee and unwind, Jack knocks into someone. Someone beautiful. And mysterious. And his entire life – what he once was, who he is now, and who he could become – flashes before his eyes.

It’s amazing what a difference a cup of coffee can make!

Bob Hartman is the author of over thirty books. He lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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