Vaughan Roberts

Battles Christians Face

  • Publisher: Authentic Media
  • ISBN: 9781850787280

Vaughan Roberts explores seven of the difficulties Christians may have to endure and positive ways to deal with them.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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The Bible is clear that the Christian’s hope and faith are forged in the fiery battles of life. Suffering and temptation shape and strengthen us. But in the twenty-first century many of the crucial difficulties that Christians have always struggled with are lightly treated by some…

* How can I approach feelings of lust in a godly way when ‘lust’ is now an alluring name for perfume or chocolate?

* How can I battle guilt with integrity when friends encourage me to believe that sin doesn’t really exist?

* Why do I feel so depressed when the impression is often given that Christians should always have a smile on their face and in their heart?

In Battles Christians Face bestselling author Vaughan Roberts equips us with practical weapons to face our daily battles with confidence – including those above, and others. The teaching of this book restores our hope of living godly lives here and now – lives that honor and bear witness to Jesus Christ.

Vaughan Roberts is Rector of St Ebb’s, Oxford. He has worked extensively with students and is a frequent speaker at university Christian Unions, and at conventions such as Word Alive. He is a member of the Executive Committee of 9:38 – an interdenominational group which encourages people to consider full-time gospel ministry.

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