Marilyn Baker

Another Way Of Seeing

DAISY, Giant Print, Braille
  • Publisher: Word (UK) Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780850091397

The blind singer/songwriter tells the story of her life from childhood, through boarding school, and on to life as a top-selling gospel artist.


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In ANOTHER WAY OF SEEING singer-songwriter Marilyn Baker, who became blind soon after birth, tells with honesty and humour the story of her life. She recalls her childhood at boarding school, her early interest in music and the search for God which led to her conversion in her teenage years. Marilyn looks back on her years at the Royal College of Music, her experiences of teaching, moving into a home of her own and having her first guide dog. Now one of the UK’s top selling gospel artists, Marilyn talks about the making of her first album and her early concerts and trips to Scandinavia, Australia and New Zealand and the United States. She shares the painful experience of losing her mother through leukaemia, and the influence of the faith which inspires not only her songs but her life.

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