Pam Rhodes

With Hearts and Hymns and Voices

  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc (Monarch Books)
  • ISBN: 9781854249753

When the BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ team decide to broadcast a Palm Sunday service from a small Suffolk village not every one is happy. A warm gripping story which touches basic emotions and extremes of village life,

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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When the BBC ‘Songs of Praise’ team decided to broadcast a Palm Sunday service from a small idyllic Suffolk village, not everyone is happy.

The vicar, Clive, is amiably absent-minded, but his practical wife Helen gets on well with the television team – perhaps a little too well, where the charming, enigmatic Michael is concerned. Charles, the Parish Council chairman, is deeply opposed and resents the enthusiasm of other villagers – including his wife Betty. As the outside broadcast vehicles roll in, the emotional temperature rises ….

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