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  • Publisher: Victory Press
  • ISBN: 9780854762224

Testimony of a young Baptist Russian, Vanya Moiseyev, a soldier in the Soviet Red Army who was ruthlessly persecuted and incarcerated for his faith. Through 2 years of trial and torture he never denied his Savior, and never hesitated to share the gospel

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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“There was snow outside, and it was 30 below zero Centigrade. They led me out into the street and ordered me to stand in the cold for 5 hours in summer uniform. I prayed the whole time. But I did not feel the cold.” Michael Bourdeaux begins his foreword to this book: On July 16, 1972, a young man, a soldier, died in the Crimea. He was a church member, and his death was a violent one. Details of how it happened and why are told in this moving book. Documentary evidence at the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism confirms the facts related…

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