Lance Lambert

Uniqueness Of Israel, The

  • Publisher: Kingsway Publications Ltd.
  • ISBN: 9780854765157

Israel’s past is pivotal in understanding world history. But the real key to understanding Israel’s place in world events is Israel’s Messiah, the Saviour of the world,

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Israel, the Holy Land. There is no area of the world like it. Its language is a modern miracle. Its past is pivotal in understanding world history. Its chief city has a special role to play in international events.

But more important than all of this – and the key to a proper understanding of Israel’s place in world events – is its Messiah: the Saviour of the world. For while much of Israel has rejected him, he has not rejected them, but intends to bring about their renewal and restoration before the close of the age.


This latest edition contains a new forward by Ken Burnett of Prayer for Israel, and also the text of a prophecy which was given to Lance Lambert at the Intercessors International Conference in Jerusalem on 3rd November 1992.

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