Stella G. Heath

Through It All

  • Publisher: Campaign Literature
  • ISBN: 9781872463186

The co-founder with her husband Ron, of Torch Trust, tells how his last illness affected their lives, bringing not only pain and heartache, but laughter and light to illuminate the pathway.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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I have tried in these pages to share not only the pain, sorrow and heartache, but also the sparkles which laughter brought, and the light which illuminated a very dark pathway.

The way the illness affected our social life and our contact with friends and acquaintances was very difficult to live through. It was as if people were afraid to approach us, probably bewildered by the changes which illness brought, or a feeling of inadequacy to offer the love and fellowship so sorely needed. So I offer these few thoughts and experiences in the sincere hope that they may bless others who, as sufferers or carers, are going THROUGH THE VALLEY. Stella Heath

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