Tom Wright

Paul For Everyone: Romans Part 2

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  • ISBN: 9780281057061

Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us to see the great sweep of this letter.

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Writing in an approachable and anecdotal style, Tom Wright helps us to see the great sweep of this letter. Romans has long been viewed as the book above all in which Paul sets out the basic doctrines of the faith and the picture of God’s life for us. It is the classic summary of the gospel.

Wright identifies in particular the importance of the passages about the coming together of Jews and Gentiles, and finds new understanding in these familiar passages. God is fulfilling his ancient promises in and through Jesus, and all the people of the Messiah, whether or not of ethnically Jewish origin, are inheritors. ‘When you understand Romans’, says Tom Wright, ‘you, too, will want to join Paul in piling up all the glory and praise and love and adoration you can muster. And you won’t care how big a splash you make as you do so.’


A major new series of guides to the books of the New Testament.

Tom Wright has undertaken a tremendous task: to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament, and to furnish them with his own fresh translation of the entire text. Each short passage is followed by a highly readable discussion with background information. The series is suitable for personal or group use. The format makes it appropriate also for daily study.

‘It’s world-class scholarship made enjoyable for casual readers.’

Associated Press

‘This enterprise is probably the most exciting thing to have happened in Christian education in Britain for many years.’

Expository Times

‘Wright writes wonderfully, accessibly and as smooth as fine chocolate.’

Ship of Fools website

‘Immensely readable series of books, making the whole New Testament accessible to everyone.’

Methodist Recorder

Tom Wright is Bishop of Durham and the author of many books on the New Testament, including (as N. T. Wright) the monumental works in the series Christian Origins and the Question of God.

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