Michael Baughen

Passion for Christ, A (TTS)

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  • Publisher: CWR
  • ISBN: 9781782599364

In 6 Lent studies we consider how to: share in Christ’s sufferings; be a Church marked by love & holiness; share the hope of the gospel; shine the light of Christ’s glory; use suffering as a personal testimony, and give our lives as living sacrifices.

TTS – text to speech – the DAISY audio version uses computer generated synthetic speech, with British voices; to hear a sample listen to our latest Prayer Phone message on 01858 438277.


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This Lent, let’s renew our passion for Christ. Paul’s letters to the Corinthians revealed how passionate he was for Christ, for knowing Christ, for the Church of Christ and for everyone to follow and serve Christ. His own personal comfort was of secondary importance. He was more than willing to follow his Lord even if this meant much personal suffering. Michael Baughen reminds us that ‘we share abundantly in the sufferings of Christ’ (2 Cor. 1:5). Can we really identify with His sufferings? Most of us live lives of plenty, comfort and choice, so what does this really mean? Over six studies, we will consider how, as followers of Christ, we can: – share in the sufferings of Christ – be a Church marked by love and holiness – share the hope of the gospel – shine the light of Christ’s glory – use suffering as a personal testimony – give our lives as a living sacrifice to Christ

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