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  • ISBN: 9781788931250

‘Overflow’ is for anyone who wants to see their church have an overflowing impact on their surroundings. It shows how we can learn ton give away what God gives & be encouraged to make steps to become a church that overflows with the good news of Christ.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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‘Overflow’ finds a clear biblical example of a resource church (local churches which exist to influence their region by growing and planting on a regular basis) described in Acts at Antioch, and provides suggestions of lessons we can learn from that church today. This book considers the Antioch church as an example of a church of overflow – a model of a resource church. Birthed out of The Belfrey’s call in York to overflow with the presence and power of God into their locality and region with all the resources God gives, Matthew Porter shares stories of what they have been learning and how this may help the church to reach out in mission and see many come to Christ. ‘Overflow’ describes characteristics, structures and strategies that any community of Christ-followers desiring to reach out beyond themselves can adopt. Questions are included at the end of each chapter, with some for individual application and some to help start activating gifts in others. Discover the God of overflow, who invites us to give away what he gives and be encouraged to make steps to become a church of overflow, spilling out with the good news of Christ.

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