Phyllis Thompson

London Sparrow, A

  • Publisher: Word (UK) Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780850090260

GLADYS AYLWARD :gIn 1932, undeterred by criticism and contrary advice, the young servant-maid Gladys set off alone for China, trusting God to supply all her needs.

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Phyllis Thompson went to China as a member of the China Inland Mission in 1936, and wrote her first book THEY SEEK A CITY three years later, shortly before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour. She escaped from Honan Province to Free China, and lived in Chunking, China’s war-time capital, until the end of 1943. After her first leave in England she returned to China, travelling widely on the Tibet and Mongolian borders. She lived under the Communist regime until 1951, when she left China. Since then she has been engaged in literary work and has written a number of books including WITHIN A YARD OF HELL, PROVING GOD, GOD’S VENTURER, FAITH BY HEARING, FIREBRAND OF FLANDERS, DAWN BEYOND THE ANDES and CLIMBING ON TRACK.

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