John Hull

In the Beginning There was Darkness

  • Publisher: S C M Press Ltd
  • ISBN: 9780334028215

John Hull became blind in middle age. This book brings fresh insights into the Bible and in examining some of the best known instances of blindness in the biblical stories, the author brings anecdotes from his own life and experience to bear on these.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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When John Hull went blind in middle age he realized that the Bible was written by sighted people. This book is a result of his gradual learning to begin a new conversation with the Bible – this time, as a blind person. It is mainly addressed to sighted people who, generally speaking, do not realize that they have a specific interpretation of the world. They just accept the world as a sighted world, because that is their experience. The book is however also intended for blind readers who, like the author, have passed beyond the light and are wondering where God is in the darkness.

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