Michele Guinness

Heavenly Party, The

DAISY, Braille
  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Ltd (Monarch Books)
  • ISBN: 9781854248350

Drawing upon her rich Jewish heritage, Michele integrates sacred and secular using pilgrim festivals and symbol, ritual and liturgy. She explains what true celebration is, with ideas and resources for celebration at home or in the wider community.

NB – Braille SEB

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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* Rediscover our rich heritage of festivals and celebrations

* Develop creative prayers and liturgies

* Prepare dozens of mouth-watering recipes

* Create a calendar of fun events

When Michele Guinness embraced the Christian faith in her teens, she turned her back on Jewish way of life that, whatever its flaws, offered a rich cycle of celebration. In time she came to appreciate that she had lost something special, and with her husband Peter, an Anglican minister, she set about creating fresh celebrations appropriate to a Christian context.

“This book is a reflection of that long journey of discovery, as Peter and I pursued our mission to make celebration a way of life in home and community,” she explains. “At the very beginning that meant discarding false impressions of God, replacing them with the idea of a fun and people-loving creator who invented so many festivals there was one for virtually every week of the year.”

It is high time we recaptured the colour, joy and ceremony that were once part of our tradition. Using the festivals of Bible and Christian history, Michele explains what true celebration is, with ideas and resources for use at home or in the wider community. She suggests symbols, rituals and liturgies to create a diverse. reverent, fun and satisfying way of life.

“Faith is a serious matter, but who says it has to be dull? Michele’s ideals and ideas are captivating and her imagery inspiring. This book dances like fire on the imagination and kindles a warm glow in the heart. To read Michele Guiness is not so much to read as to see.”


“Much of the material here,” Michele says, “has been borrowed from Jewish tradition, but subjected to Messianic amendment in order to make it a mine of rich and relevant celebration. But we have also adapted materials from a wide range of cultures from all over the world. Do whatever you want with them. Make them work for you and those you love.

“Ultimately, all our celebrations, however successful. however joyous, are but a pale reflection of the greatest party there will ever be – one that will last for all eternity. We might as well get into practice now.”

“Irresistibly infectious, Michele not only writes about a joyful partying spirit but lives it and draws us into it too. This further rediscovery of our rich Jewish heritage should blow church cobwebs away and make us a p

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