Elaine Rhoton

Doulos Story, The

  • Publisher: OM Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781850782698

“DOULOS” The story of Operation Mobilisation’s ship describes the joys and tensions of life aboard and the impact of volunteer workers serving Jesus Christ on the lives of people around the world.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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*Idealism meets reality as a young Brazilian who dreams of being a powerful preacher is assigned to clean the galley floor beneath a refrigerator. *Tentative faith grows into quiet awe as essential yet unobtainable fuel suddenly & inexplicably appears on the scene. *Bleary eyed despair is banished as a young mother on the verge of committing suicide is offered hope by two young Doulos women. *Joyful celebration turns into shock & pain as the unbelievable happens & a terrorist attack upon the ship’s company leaves death & serious injuries in its wake. THE DOULOS STORY vividly describes the joys & tensions of life aboard Operation Mobilsation’s ship DOULOS, & the impact of volunteer workers serving Jesus Christ on the lives of countless people around the world. “Doulos has played a significant part & become a special friend to thousands of people around the world…For most it has been through a brief encounter when she has visited their home port. Many have wanted to know more about her incredible story. Now we have the chance…This is a book well worth getting & it will be hard to put down once you start reading it.” Andrew Thompson, Director of the Christian sailing charity, Westward Quest. Elaine Rhoton has worked with Operation Mobilisation since 1961 when she went to Turkey with her husband Dale. The couple spent 3 years aboard DOULOS before moving to Germany where they are based in the ships’ headquarters. Elaine has also written THE LOGOS STORY (OM Publishing) which describes life aboard OM’s first ship.

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