Jack Kuhatschek


Braille, Giant Print
  • Publisher: Scripture Union
  • ISBN: 9781859994795

We desperately need role models today – people who allow us to be fully human yet inspire us to look beyond our weaknesses to the living God. David is such a person.His struggles with sin are infamous, and the Psalms reveal his anguish and doubts.

NB – Braille SEB

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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The story of David reveals him as someone prepared to be incredibly vulnerable. In his psalms he pours out his weaknesses, fears and struggles in vivid and honest descriptions. Yet he was also a man of faith, used by God; fully human, yet his experiences and passionate heart longings point us to the living God. This study guide takes an overview of his life, selecting key events to show his character and his relationship with God.

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