Louise Morse

Could It Be Dementia?

  • Publisher: Lion Hudson Plc (Monarch Books)
  • ISBN: 9781854248251

Explains what dementia is and offers practical advice to families, carers and churches.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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‘Could it be Dementia?’ insists that losing your mind doesn’t mean losing your soul. “Perhaps the greatest encouragement, for residents and carers alike,is seeing the Holy Spirit at work in His people,” say Louise and Roger. “In a worship meeting, someone who normally does not speak will unexpectedly pray the most cogent, appropriate prayer. In countless other ways the Holy Spirit is seen to be present with God’s precious ‘aged pilgrims’.”

This book puts dementia into a Christian context, insisting that loss of memory or reason does not mean a person is worthless.Dementia is in the headlines on a daily basis. Much information is available but it is all factual with no spiritual content. Yet for Christians, dementia can raise questions unlike any other condition. Why does a godly old man begin to use language that has always been anathema to him? Why does a loving mother become stubborn, and suspicious? Where is God in all of this? This book offers information and reassurance gleaned from the extensive experience of Pilgrim Homes, a network of nine Christian care homes and a foundation going back to 1807.

“A rare gem of a book that tackles a much neglected but widespread condition, and does so with great honesty and hope” – Revd Dr Mark Stibbe

“Poignant, powerful and practical, this book offers hope to every Christian with a growing concern for the growing number of people who are affected with dementia – it’s a must read – Lyndon Bowring, Executive Chairman, CARE

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