Stella G. Heath

Coping With The Camel

Print, Giant Print, Braille
  • Publisher: Torch Trust for the Blind
  • ISBN: 9780951585115

A look at the birth and growth of the Torch Family.


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The author of this book Stella G. Heath tells of her personal experience in the growth of the Torch Family from 1958, when she and her husband welcomed a blind girl into their house, to its present worldwide ministry. The story of the Torch Family is rather like the tale of the kind Arab who took pity on his camel in the cold desert night. When the beast asked if he could just put his nose into the tent the Arab agreed. Later the camel asked if he could put his front legs in the tent. ‘Yes’ was the reply. Eventually the camel had taken over the tent, and the Arab was outside! Living with the Torch camel has been rather like that as the work has expanded. This book recalls some of the joys and the anxieties expressed as we have faced the challenge of God’s camel!

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