Tim Stafford

Surprised By Jesus

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  • Publisher: Inter-Varsity Press
  • ISBN: 9781844741410

A fresh look at Jesus’ life and ministry in his own context, with searching applications for today.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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We all know who Jesus is – or think we do. Children flock to him and gentle wisdom pours from him. He’s the kindest man in the world. Such pictures may be familiar, but they are deceptive.

In the Gospels, Jesus says and does many surprising and puzzling things – like shrivelling a fig tree, or telling followers to keep his miracles a secret. He is hard on his opponents, the Pharisees, but also makes extreme demands on his disciples – like urging them to be as perfect as the Father in heaven.

Tim Stafford takes us beyond two-dimensional images and false stereotypes by unearthing the specific historical and cultural situation of Jesus’ day.

What Jesus said about the kingdom of God, sin, Satan, prayer, the temple, Israel, and the people of God was all profoundly affected by his being a Jew in an ancient land dominated by the Romans.

In fact, through his message and actions, he intended to change things far more profoundly than we probably ever imagined – in his day and in ours.

‘No doubt about it, the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord – and the book you hold in your hand shows you how to be a part of God’s strategy to make it happen!’ Joni Eareckson Tada

‘Tim Stafford has given us Jesus without cliches, without moralisms, without polemic. And accurate. Jesus not only as he was, but as he is.’ Eugene Peterson

‘Tim Stafford … brilliantly exposes the implications of Jesus’ life and teaching for us today … I found that God was speaking to me specifically with comfort and challenge and giving me many refreshingly new insights.’ Ajith Fernando

Tim Stafford is a senior writer for Christianity Today. He is the author of many books, including Knowing the Face of God, and the co-editor (with Philip Yancey) of The Student Bible.

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