Adrian Plass

Seriously Funny

DAISY, Braille, Large Print 17pt, Large Print 20pt, Large Print 25pt, Large Print 30pt
  • Publisher: Authentic Media
  • ISBN: 9781850788690

Plass and Lucas are renowned for their ability to express the silly side of Christian culture, to cut through our pretensions and foibles with incisive wit. In this candid, moving, hilarious book, they join comedic forces to challenge and entertain us.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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Having delighted, amused and challenged thousands of readers around the world for many years with their individual titles, Jeff Lucas and Adrian Plass are now ready to let their readers in on their private correspondence. As Adrian says in his first letter, ‘If we were pushed into a corner and forced to be absolutely straight about our religion, what kind of truth would emerge?’

You are holding the answers to that question. This book is a joy to read: funny, sad, controversial and, above all honest.

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