John Blanchard

Is God Past His Sell-by Date?

  • Publisher: Evangelical Press
  • ISBN: 9780852345009

Does God exist? How can he sit by through pain, suffering and injustice? Hasn’t science explained him away? With intelligently constructed, logical arguments, John Blanchard provides thought-provoking, scholarly accessible responses.


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‘Does God exist? If so, how can he sit by through pain, suffering and injustice? Hasn’t science explained him away? With brilliantly researched, intelligently constructed, logical arguments, John Blanchard provides the most thought-provoking, scholarly yet accessible responses I have ever read. This book is a must for the serious thinker.’ Jill Garrett, B.Sc.(Econ), Managing Director, the Gallup organization U.K. ‘A fascinating panorama of major issues, from philosophy to genetics, from Darwinism to the problem of death. John Blanchard has masterful command of the pertinent literature, and drives his argument home with telling quotations from opponents and friends alike.’ Edgar Andrews, B.Sc., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.Inst.P., F.I.M., C.PHYS., C.Eng., Emeritus Professor of Materials in the University of London. ‘This outstanding work irrefutably shows that atheism is pure fantasy and that God has no expiration date – past, present or future.’ George Vaughan, PE, Director of Digital Program Management and Business Development, Subscribers Network Services, USA. Here is a book that will change lives. I could not put it down. It deals with the biggest questions anybody could ask, and gives answers that even the most belligerent sceptic will find convincing.’ B.Sc., Ph.D., C. Chem., F.R.S.C., Professor of Analytical Chemistry and Deputy Vice-Chancellor, University of Plymouth. ‘Readable, engaging and challenging. If you are hesitantly or confidently sceptical, I urge you to read it. If you regard belief in God as nonsense, I challenge you to read it. If your belief in God has been shaken, you need to read it.’ Chris Warton. M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., Senior Lecturer, Department of Human Biology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, South Africa. Dr John Blanchard entered full-time Christian ministry after 13 years in the Guernsey Civil Service, and is now an internationally known author, teacher and conference speaker. Nearly 15 million copies of his publications are in print in some 40 languages. This is his 24th book. From the POPULAR CHRISTIAN APOLOGETIC Collection. A series of books, videos and audiotapes defending belief in God.

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