George Verwer

Confessions of a Toxic Perfectionist and God’s Antidote

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A strong commitment to excellence, and doing things right in any realm is admirable. But when it develops to a toxic hidden streak as perfectionism under the pretext of perfect Christian life it can be murderous. Dr. George Verwer brings out in this book examples from his life and mission of over 65 years. There is a strong biblical basis for what is shared here, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God (Rom 3:23) which he paraphrases, all are toxic and fallen short of the glory of God.

Billy Graham had rightly said, “The greatest obstacle to our sanctification or godly life is our inability to see ourselves as we really are.” I had the privilege of meeting George Verwer at Maryville College in Tennessee. He recruited me for his first international missions’ trip to Mexico in 1957. What has impressed me over these 63 plus years has been his transparency, his passion to hear the other side whenever a disagreement may arise. He saw many of the Lord’s faithful followers were discouraged because they were not living up to all the challenges they had heard. It was as though the conference speakers gave a vaccination to the troopers. They wondered if the Lord could use them. For these George’s messages on forgiveness and love were just what the doctor ordered. –Dale Rhoton (Co-founder, OM) I have followed George Verwer and his writings for more than forty years. Confessions of a Toxic Perfectionist and God’s Antidote is one of his best books yet. Pertinent, poignant, passionate and without mincing any words, the book addresses the eroding traits that are inhibiting the body of Christ. He uses his personal life and journey as an example of God’s ongoing grace and antidote to shape and transform an imperfect person to the image of Christ. –Lawrence Tong (International Director, OM)

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