Kevin Deyoung

Amaze Them With God

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  • Publisher: 10Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781910587546

We have a Saviour who is worth shouting about and He is all the next generation need. This little book suggests how to introduce young Christians and under-discipled Christians to the Jesus and what it looks like to live out our faith in real life.

  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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We have a message, a Saviour, a King that is worth shouting about. He is all we have, and He is all the next generation need.

This little book sets out how it is that we can introduce young Christians, new Christians, and underdiscipled Christians to the Author and Perfecter of our faith and what it looks like to live out this faith in real life.


‘I hope and pray that many Christians will buy multiple copies of this book so as to distribute it with generous abandon.’ ~ D.A. Carson

So important – please share this message! This is a wonderful, wonderful book. It’s challenging but its message is so important it must be shared. I’m going to encourage everyone bothered about evangelism and discipleship to read this, and to buy multiple copies to pass onto others who share the same passion. Jonathan Carswell

A challenging read – This is a really easy book to read and accessible to everyone. It took me 15 minutes to read and yet I will go back to again and again to challenge my lifestyle, my priorities and how I go about reaching the next generation. This book would be a good discussion starter for a team to help them focus the why and how of what they do. I have a list of people I am going to give this too, to encourage them to keep going and to have high standards! Hannah Peace

Valuable – Back in the day when young people got their Polio vaccine it was disguised on a sugar cube. The thinking being, take something that is not that pleasant and palatable (the vaccine) and hide it in something tasty (the sugar cube). Lots of contemporary youth work, youth engagement and youth activity seems to treat the gospel like the Polio vaccine. If we take something that is hard to swallow, i.e. the gospel and hide it in a small god slot amidst fun things like Playstation, table tennis and oodles of sweets the young people will learn to tolerate it but may never think about it or ne engaged with the gospel. Into this poorly thought out strategy and lack of confidence in the gospel comes this slim line book of dynamite from Kevin DeYoung. It is a clear, articulate and bare strategy for youth engagement. It takes the Bible seriously, doesn’t patronise the young people and has at its base level the truth that the gospel shared amongst, lived out before and sown consistently and outrageously into young people’s lives has the greatest chance of success of

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