Robert Warren

Life Attitudes

  • Publisher: Church House Publishing
  • ISBN: 9780715142332

Jesus himself lived out the Beatitudes in his earthly life and called his followers to do the same. This 5 session group study course encourages Christians to examine their lifestyle in the light of Jesus’ radical teaching and to live out these values.

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  • Exclusively for blind and partially sighted people


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Jesus lived out the Beatitudes – or “beautiful attitudes” – in his earthly life and called his followers to do the same. This 5-session course grapples with these eight radical sayings from St Matthew’s Gospel that contain both values for living and promises of blessing.

The Beatitudes focus our minds on what makes us truly happy and are a rich mine of resources for living. Christianity is essentially a lifestyle faith: it is as much about what we do and who we are as followers of Christ as what we say or believe. Life Attitudes enables us to reflect on our lifestyles in the light of Jesus’ teaching and to explore ways of living out these kingdom values here and now.

Each session will deepen our understanding of Jesus’ teaching, challenge our personal values. and inform the way we approach the difficult issues that afflict so many lives in our world today.

This short study guides comes complete with background information, creative ideas for reflection and discussion, opening an closing worship, extra notes for group leaders, suggestions for further reading and practical action.

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