Elizabeth Mednick

Jesus in Town

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  • Publisher: Instant Apostle
  • ISBN: 9781912726028

A new era has come for the church and it is the age of the kingdom of God. In this epoch, Christians will move beyond the walls of church buildings into local communities, homes and relevant spheres in society.


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What does a Spirit-led unity movement look like?

This is the remarkable story of what happened when the churches of Barking and Dagenham were inspired to come together to serve their borough. Fuelled by prayer, and committed to overcoming the challenges of collective work, they found amazing doors open for vital community ministry and fruitful partnerships with the civic and business worlds. From a ‘kidzklub’ and music academy to a shopping centre facility and night shelter, Jesus was soon coming to town in new and powerful ways!

Alongside their inspirational story, Jesus in Town contains practical tips, rich resources and original ideas for working together and bringing Jesus to any community. The unity movement in Barking and Dagenham began with one person’s vision but quickly became a shared venture – with a commitment to prayer and willingness to partner, what might God do in your town?

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